Who We Are

Canadian Presence is the Growth Tool for Market Expansion

Direct local engagement with your company’s identity, reporting and measurement

Dedicated representation, your message, your way, sales delivered

  • Approach

    Our engagements are strictly contract based on a monthly retainer plus commission and expenses just like any other “real salesperson”. If you’re looking for a pure commission engagement to the market you’re simply not serious about your business. Our experienced view is that that with new technologies and companies only one approach works.

    The best most brilliant solutions demand proper engagement, there are no shortcuts or unlimited commission plans that can incentivise proper engagement. Canadian Presence is a company with a solution to your Business Development and Sales efforts as your product is to the end user.

    Our agreements are 1 year with automatic renewals. There is a 120-day minimum term with a 30-day cancelation thereafter. Commissions are in addition based on gross revenue, not profit, and vary from 3.8% to 8.5%. Local expenses such as office, computers, mobile phone, data usage (internet) and incidentals are all included. All local taxes and employment related benefits are also included. The only additional costs are dedicated travel and entertainment as per your company policy.

    When you are looking to sell $1M USD+ annually Canadian Presence delivers professional accountable representation that puts your companies interest first. New companies require a sustained approach with specific engagements, there is no way around this irrespective of how bright and shiny the solution is.

    Any decent salesperson will tell you that “the easiest part of sales is getting the order”… (really!), it’s the follow-through and implementation that makes all the difference, and that is part of the job, agents don’t do that. Follow through and supporting the order after the sale (for more business) is mandatory for growing your company’s revenues and ours.

  • Method

    We begin with a Plan of Approach or “PoA”.

    It is a boiler-plate document/exercise that outlines the first 12 months with minimum engagement points with defined milestones by both parties. It’s a baseline document used as a map, this map is dynamic and subject to change based on mutual inputs, its design is to keep us both focussed on delivery of the solution to the market.

    The PoA also helps to identify the internal points of friction when making demands on company resources. An important aspect of Canadian Presence’s model is to have real-world experience when dealing with product management, program management and engineering groups on large complex projects. We understand our role to help coordinate these groups for customer delivery, you know… the easy part of the order…. This is especially true when these resources are dispersed, we are the feet on the ground, the local “point of abuse” and know the difference between a flame and a fire…. because customers are rational at 6:30 on a Friday when a bug emerges and systems fail or only express a new “feature” we know the difference and act accordingly.

  • Process

    We work for you, period.

    We follow your policies and procedures, we carry your business card with professionalism and integrity. There is never a conflict of interest.

    We deliver reports your way and participate in meetings just like a fulltime employee.

    Our role is to be your companies seamless interface to the customer and the market.

  • Benefits

    We are already…ready

    Canadian Presence is “instant-on”, in our initial discussions we will identify our experience and capabilities in lieu of your needs and timelines. As per the Plan of Approach “PoA” we are fully operation within 30-days with meaningful customer engagements and results.

    There is no lag time for onboarding, no equipment or benefits to administer and purchase. We are already…ready. Experienced professional sales people. We come fully equipped and motivated. We know where to hunt and how to move things forward with the customer and your team, because it takes both.

    By using Canadian Presence there is a significant cost advantage over either hiring locally or travelling from Europe or USA. We are less than ¼ of the cost of hiring fulltime in the first year with training, recruiter fees, equipment, and benefits. Canadian Presence has the experience to work with your limited resources and team members, properly. Travel and the associated time is even more expensive with opportunity costs. We further enable existing sales assets through their redirection to more strategic clients.

Canadian Presence Founder and CEO – Doug Gilbert

Doug GilbertDoug Gilbert founded Canadian Presence indirectly in February of 2002. We say indirectly because it was the realization of being “relieved” from a high paying high- profile sales engagement that first three rules of sales were really driven home. An idea emerged that would deliver results, lower sales costs, and yield a better quality of life beyond airports.

From the time he sent out resumes from the American Airlines lounge in Dallas to his arrival home in Toronto and driving past Canada’s first Krispy Kreme Doughnut Store at 2 AM (with over a thousand-people lined up outside…in the cold and snow) he had 14 job offers. Doug’s thinking after incredulously witnessing first-hand the “Krispy-Khaos” was how can he take all of these opportunities forward?

It took another 2 years for Doug to act and launch “Actual not Virtual” a little too sarcastic a name, but you get the point, no virtual offices which were all the buzz at the time. Canadian Presence evolved as sales approach for companies expanding into Canada from the US and Europe.

We now work routinely with American clients in Canada, and European clients in both Canada and the USA as a fully functional Sales and Business Development arm of their organizations.

Doug still thinks that if an American Doughnut Store can get Canadians to stand outside in a snowstorm at 2:00 AM…. Canadian Presence can sell your solution.