Who We Are

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Canadian Presence has over 27 years of Sales Experience in Wireless Telecom and Technology

  • Approach

    Canadian Presence is a Business to Business Sales Force that engages the Canadian Telecom and Technology sectors under contract in a manner identical to your existing sales force.

    Canada has unique commercial attributes that enable “fast-time to market” and quick results at lower costs than traditional approaches.

    Success in Canada means shorter sales cycles, knowing where to hunt, and how to hunt makes all the difference when expanding your markets.

  • Method

    We take our proven template “Plan of Approach”, set objectives, timelines using your input and policies to deliver results based on experience, relationships.

    The retainer + commission model insures the integrity of your decision to expand into Canada, control your message, get results.

    Canadian Presence delivers to New Businesses Entrants and Established Operators, delivering sales, effectively and affordably.

  • Process

    Canadian Presence delivers a local office, local travel, telecom, full branch operations.

    No tax & benefit expenses, no agency fees.

    Reporting follows your companies procedures.

    Agreements are for One Year with a 150 day minimum term, 30 day termination notice.

    Monthly retainer is $6,800 USD per month, commission of 5% of gross dollar sale, which includes all local
    expense and taxes.

  • Benefits

    Instant market access

    No agency fees, taxes, benefits, fixed headcount

    Established connected sales professionals with proven Canadian sales experience

    Ability to travel affordably within Canada

    Significant cost savings at 60% less than a fulltime resource, scaled to market

    Low risk, proven results