We don’t partner. We work for you. It’s that simple.

“Partner” is likely the biggest bullshit term in business today (malaise is the word we should use, but we just hate it that much), it gets under our skin. It’s like a code for…. we both agree to do nothing.

If there is no skin in the game…. why play?

We don’t work on pure commission for solid reasons, if you can’t afford to pay a monthly retainer and a commission on sales we can save you millions in delusional dollars immediately…stay away, there are serious companies out here… and you’re not one of them.
There is a lot hubris in technology, with little thought to how things are actually purchased and consumed. Thinking that a “real sales person” will engage in a lengthy sales cycle on the hope that it might work, they might buy it, and they might get paid is the same as our feelings on “partner”.

Again, to be clear, we work for you, we get it done.