We don’t partner. We work for you.

At Canadian Presence we have a hard-time with term “Partner”. The word is most often inserted with “Commission Only…Success Fees and Unlimited Earnings” and such.

These “Jobs & Opportunities” are presented first by openly challenging the sales person’s confidence and capabilities….and then followed up with the fantasy phrase of “unlimited earnings, no cap!” This is pure hucksterism and we don’t buy it, most people don’t.

It’s difficult to comprehend the logic in such approaches, so much credibility is lost immediately. Companies with this type of approach are simply not serious and cannot be trusted to deliver if ever engaged, scam is the proper term, there is no artistry.

We maintain that, a good sales person requires as much skill and effort in presenting your solution to the right audience(s) often repeatedly as those persons involved in creating your companies product/solution. It’s hard soul-crushing work…but we like it.

A solid sales person can deliver:

A new unproven company

An unproven solution/technology

Local presence/support

Experience, where to hunt

Business relationships, leverage

Existing customers

Low cost of Sales

Actionable engagement = orders

Canadian Presence represents your company using your tools and techniques in the same way or better than your fulltime Sales People do. It is not rational to believe that someone would engage in proper sales responsibilities for a commission only agreement, only those in it for a quick buck or “quick hit’s & easy scores” like in the old Black & White gangster movies….and those didn’t end well either.

Canadian Presence limits the financial risk of establishing your business in new markets combined with the deeper knowledge of managing internal resources and external customers to be successful …for the long term success of both companies….a true partner.