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A fully equipped Immediate approach to Sales Growth

Canadian Presence is one of two things.

European Companies – A gateway to America

For European companies Canada is the precedent when engaging North America. Canada is the entry point of many famous companies, Philips, Siemens, Electrolux, Volkswagen, Alcatel, etc., and even Ericsson. Canadian Presence has modified this precedent forward 60+ years to multiple technologies and industries to deliver a sales solution faster, more effectively than ever before.

Canadian Presence takes advantage of the Canadian markets unusual density in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Southwestern Ontario to hasten results. Canadian Presence minimizes steps, travel, and costs with an expert knowledge of the market to drive sales within 6 months. We do this while simultaneously engaging the US markets longer sales cycles through selective engagements.

American Companies – Effective and Inexpensive

Coming to Canada is different, a lot of myths besides health care and guns (we have both) have prevented US companies from enjoying broader success.

The biggest issue is being “orphaned” on the support side when a decision to buy is made. Canadian companies believe that having a local representative in Canada is mandatory especially from the US, which is often hard to justify. The costs associated with the hiring and establishment of a Canadian entity are “challenging”…so they don’t.

The focus of US travelling representatives is two days onsite then out, the scope of the business in Canada is usually borderline fulltime representation. Even with Free Trade Agreements crossing into Canada is becoming difficult with an increasing incidence of “denied access” situations.

Canadian Presence bridges this “friction-point” with a fulltime equivalence engagement at lower cost than constantly travelling. We grow your business by further developing your customers, fulltime, freeing up your US based Sales Assets.


We absolutely do this, and do it well


Not as sexy as Direct Selling but good nonetheless. If you’re looking to reduce existing costs or nurture a mature client, we can do that very cost effectively. This can take on several forms being a regulatory requirement to have an “office”, regular visits and engagement to established accounts to free up key personnel, etc..


Getting a “lay of the land” or in today’s terminology “perspective” is always advisable. Scoping market size, potential, and opportunities makes sense, it’s very close to Competitive Intelligence, just not a sustained gathering over time and is usually a “one-off” contract.

This isn’t an intern doing a Google search and cropping a document together, its 30 days of hard work including interviews and site visits.mak


The least fulfilling yet most rewarding activity (code for expensive)…Knowing where you stand and where they stand is practical knowledge. We have solid experience in gathering and analyzing market activities. It is always surprising what basic assumptions are completely misunderstood or just plain wrong. Like the wireless carrier launching a competitive price plan that couldn’t track actual usage and was losing millions per week… tons of new customers and looked great in the press releases……true story! Our key philosophy is that it’s only competitive intelligence if they don’t know you have it.


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